BMC 2 Wheeler Bike


New to the market late 2020. Awesome bike. Look like dad or mum on their bike. Hand throttle, kickstand. This drives nicely, I just held the handle to assist the child learning to ride until they were capable on their own. It does take them a bit of practice, but not too long, depending on the age, ability & balance of the child, but so fun with a little practice.


  • Maximum speed of 19km/h
  • Seats 1 child
  • 1x 250W motors
  • 2x 12 Volt 7 Amp batteries
  • Leather seats
  • EVA-rubber types
Suitable for kids 5-9years (up to cm and 40kg)
Package size: 99x41.5x58.2cm
Assembled size: 102x45x52cm